Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The giveaway over at Goodreads is now over. 10 lucky winners are going to get a free copy of my book 'A Brief Moment in Time.' This the second giveaway this year. The first garnered 305 entries for ten copies. This giveaway was far more successful, having 511 entries to win ten books.

An Only Child is so close to being finished. I am still inline for the 4/30 release. Soon you will see a pre-order for the book on amazon and Smashwords. Keep checking back for new updates.

Will be picking up  Zephyr series. I'm looking forward to get Volume I stared. Volume I, II, II are respectively called Winds of Change, Forest of Stars, and Sand of Doom. The first book in the series is tentatively titled Captivation. The entire series will grow to a total of nine books, 3 volumes of 3 books each: It is a very ambitious undertaking for me, but the story is there and I have to get it out of my head.

So Work, Work, Work,

Talk to you later,