From His Efforts Come

© 2011 By Timothy W. Spencer 

“There are many ways to find and deliver unto vacuous minds the erudition required to accomplish the task. This particular avenue is simply my preferred method. I have discovered it to be most joyous.”
The disembodied voice grumbled with understated glee as he strapped Davit’s use-arms high and tight to the rack. His/her lay-arms hung to either side; the three fingers and opposing stub involuntarily and uselessly clasping for purchase.
“We are here for a reason. Not just because you are…perfect. We are here because the time is most propitious.”
Cold, rough, leathery hands wrapped around Davit’s right use-leg; gliding slowly down the smooth, silken skin in a long, sensual movement until just above the foot, then another clasp clicked into place around the ankles. Davit started at the sound. The cold metal frame shook with the movement, but Davit knew he couldn’t get down from the contraption. Some external force held him in place. For that reason, Davit wondered why there was a need for the straps and clasps. Since I can’t get down why bother. Another thing he didn’t understand was how he couldn’t see. There’s nothing over my head. My eyes are not covered in any way. Why can’t I see the Kno-person that has captured me? He didn’t understand it; none of it. I’m powerless to stop what is happening to me.
The last thing he remembered was the battle for T’ep City; there was a siege on the royal palace. I remember the Great Eye of Shana’Ra shattering; the deafening ring of the many shards of glass crashing to the floor of the royal seat. There was no way we won. Clearly we lost to some extent. I remember the feeling of Shana’s moist, bracing air rushing-in.
“I am His/her Royal Empress of the Tanisian Empire. This is a severe breach of the Interstellar Treaty of Humane Treatment, not to mention the multitude of Terran laws you have broken,” Davit said in Her/his most imperious tone.
“I feel compelled to commend you on your command of the Terran Language; I know how difficult it is for your kind to grasp. Although, I am equally compelled to point out that the operative word in your statement is “Humane,” a word derived from human, that which you are not.” The disembodied voiced stated with smug satisfaction.
“Your point being that I don’t deserve to be treated like such?” Davit slung the question at the Kno-person like a cobra of Earth spitting venom.
“So you aren’t as obtuse as you appear in the vids?”
Davit’s anger and frustration swam maddeningly through His/her mind like a dying Willic; the desperate and frantic creature flapping its tail fin as quickly as possible in a futile attempt to outrun death itself.
“What are your intentions? Why have you entrapped me? Why are you doing this?”
“And here I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt Davit, but alas it is as I initially thought; you are as dimwitted as you appear on the vids. I had hoped for more.”
“Let me go!”
A strong thumbing chuckle reverberated through the chamber. “Yes, Davit, that is a convincing argument. You live down to your reputation like a devoted Person.”
“You won’t be so smug when you are discovered…Kno-Person.” Davit spat the insult at the voice. 
What makes you believe that my actions remain hidden from view, that I am performing this task without prior approval? What makes you think that we are in a place where we cannot be discovered by someone who would wish to help you? Hell, for that matter, what makes you think that anyone would care?”
It was madness. Why wouldn’t any one of his subjects want to help Him/her? What an incredibly stupid thing to ask? We are essentially the world’s God on Shana. Not only is it the right of every citizen to protect their God, it is their responsibility. Besides that, every citizen loves me. I am a trustworthy and favorable God. They worship at every temple dedicated to me across the world. Citizens from every corner of Shana fill the plaza just to get a fleeting glimpse of me on viewing day every month. It occurred to Davit that she/he had missed something; something important. What was it? It couldn’t have been that significant. “They will come, and they’ll stop you.”
“You can believe whatever you want Davit.”
He/she was actually beginning to dislike the insolence of this puny Kno-Person. Who is he to presume the right to refer to us by our proper name? That’s it! “How do you know?” Davit asked.
“How do you know? I command you to answer the question!”
“You haven’t produced a proper question, Davit.”
He is just playing with me. “I will not ask again. My rightful name, how do you know it?”
“Ah, once again I am compelled to point out your inability to spot the obvious.”
“Answer the question, Kno-Person.”
“Just to point out another overtly obvious fact that you have so clearly missed; I do not consider Kno-Person an insult, so continuing to refer to me as such is a waste of breath. Believe me, to breathe is precious indeed; you have little time to continue to do so. To answer your question; you already know the answer. Being the God that you are, you are just to, as you have always been, wrapped up in yourself.” The voice said and then in a pityingly tone, “I do understand, really.”
“You understand nothing.”
“Really, Davit you are being childish.”
“How do you know?”
“I thought you weren’t going to ask again?”
“Answer, Kno-Person,” Davit screamed.
“Fine,” the voiced said in a mockingly exasperated tone, “I am He who is the rightful ruler of this World: Davit. You do not remember your womb-mate. It is written in prophecies that twin Gods would rule in tandem, but our parent chose you over me. You see, He/she thought you the viable of the two People. I was born without sight, they viewed this as a weakness. Had She/he lived they would have known how I turned that perceived weakness into my greatest asset.”
“Nonsense, you’re lying. You lie Kno-Person.” Davit said, incredulous.
“Possibly; it doesn’t matter.”
“Why not,” Davit asked.
“Because I only needed to convince the Earth Federation, which I did, and then persuade them to attack your world. I’m sorry My World, now.”
“You are a fool. The People would never accept you; especially after you’ve destroyed their God.”
“I do believe you are experiencing one of your lucid moments Davit. Of course, you are correct; the People would never accept such a sudden and violent change of leadership.”
“Then what, how can you possibly prevail.”
“Haven’t you noticed Davit?”
“Noticed, noticed what?”
“I am changing.”
“What, what are you talking about.”
“Can’t you see? You are that dense. It is shameful for a Person of your station to be so…”
“What are you going on about?”
“Can’t you see?”
“No I can’t; both literally and figuratively. You have done something to my sight.” Davit said accusingly.
“Literally and figuratively…yes…that is interesting. Are you saying that you can’t see your way to my end plan?”
“Yes, now who is being obtuse?”
“Well for the sake of clarity let me say that I can see everything for the first time in my life.”
“Well good for you.”
“No you haven’t yet discerned my point.”
“Then please enlighten me.”
“I was not blessed with the gift of sight. Now I see, and you do not.”
Davit heard more than felt the harsh thump. The metal speared his heart with unwavering accuracy. As His/Her’s life blood spilled to an unseen floor, He/She heard the Kno-Person express its final injury.
“I grew up wanting to be you. I decided early in life as a Person that I would become you. Now that I have your face and your eyes; I am you. I am God.”